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Moses Walker was probably born in Virginia.  Although this site is dedicated to his descendency, recent DNA results have proven that Buckley Walker of Bedford County, Virginia, Elmore Walker of Buckingham County, Virginia and several other lines were close relatives.  These other lines are also discussed here, but not in as much detail.  More details on these relationships can be found at other websites shown in the Links section.

The first firm record of Moses Walkers existence is a 1762 land grant on Mayo Creek in Orange County, North Carolina.  Buckley Walker first appears as a witness to a 1759 land purchase in Albemarle County, Virginia.


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I have shared this information in an effort to assist others with this family line and hopefully to gather information that might extend the descendency and find Moses and Buckley's origin.  The information provided is copyrighted by Bill Jackson.  Those wishing to use some of it for their own research efforts have my permission as long as a source reference is included.  Any copying of this information for financial gain without my permission is strictly forbidden.