Buckley Walker's Children Revealed

(of Campbell, VA)

The Campbell County, Virginia Chancery Court records prior to 1831 have been stored at the Library of Virginia for many years.  Recently, the LVA produced an index of chancery records for all the counties in Virginia that have them.   This was good news for those of us who are researching the Buckley Walker line of Bedford/Campbell County, VA and those who have distant connections (Overton/Dyer, TN line and Jessamine, KY line) that are trying to solidify the connection to the original Buckley Walker.


In February 1813 (listed as 1810 in the index), after the death of Buckley Walker, the surviving family members petiioned the court to settle the matter of how to divide the value of the one slave that was owned by Buckley.  The text reads:


To the worshipfull Court of Campbell Cty letting in___ your Orators & oratories honorably represents Elijah Lynch & Jeriah his wife, Emmanuel Walker, Benj Walker, Isaac Butterworth & Elizabeth his wife, Moses Walker, Thomas Overstreet & Judith his wife, Wm Weber & Nancy his wife, Wm Phillips & Jemima his wife, Frederick Windle & Salley his wife, children of Buckley Walker dec’d. Also, Pattersan, David, Robin, Buckley & Nancy Walker children of Robert Walker dec’d grandchildren of said Buckley – also Nancy, Jemima, Salley, Betsey & Robert children of William Walker dec’d that said Buckley died intestate leaving your ______ his distributees that administration has been granted to John Phillips & Emmanuel Walker. That there is but one slave belonging to said estate so that distribution cannot be had to ____ therefore that relief may be that your _____ pray that court be appointed to sell said slave & make distribution of the proceeds & also Lettle 2 adjust the account of the amr & make distribution of any Surpluss that may be in his hand may it please the court to ____ the Defts & grant all ____ _____ & further relief as the natur of the platfs case may reqr.



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