William Walker and Judith _______ Connection

William Walker was born circa 1690 in Henrico County, Virginia.  There is at least a fair amount of circumstantial evidence to suggest that William Walker may have been the parent or grandparent of Moses and Buckley Walker.  The recent DNA evidence has ruled this out.   It is important to note that the two Walker families inhabited the same general area and we can use the DNA evidence to only look at non-William Walker lineage. The original circumstantial evidence is listed as follows:

1. Moses Walker was involved with two land transactions with a  William Walker.  William Walker (b.1690) had a son named William Walker that would have been the right age.
2. William Walker had a wife and daughter named Judith.  Buckley Walker appears to have a daughter named Judith.
3. William Walker's daughter, Judith married William Penick.  Moses Walker names William Penick as one of the executors of his estate.
4. William Walker's son James inherited land in Buckingham County, Virginia.  This potentially ties to the James Walker that is in DNA Group 7 and a definite cousin of brother of Moses and Buckley Walker.